Friday, June 13, 2008

A sudden & tragic loss that will take a very long time to get over...

I can't believe that I am actually watching Tom Brokaw report on MSNBC that Tim Russert has passed away today!!!

I have many issues with the way the network has been taken over by people overly biased in favor of the liberal Democrat agenda... but Russert was a one man army holding the line of journalistic integrity...

You will be missed Tim - and the NBC/Universal media outlets will suffer the loss of its one true journalist.

Without Russert to keep hacks like Olbermann, Matthews, Shuster, & Abrams from completely destroying the reputation of NBC News it will be a very sad time over there.

It's gut-check time for Steve Capus... will he stand by his claim to integrity as when he fired Imus from MSNBC... or will he let the biased thugs continue to remove any trace of neutral (let alone conservative) reporting from the MSNBC airwaves - as seen by the way Olbermann was allowed to get Tucker booted from his show.

Goodbye Tim... God Bless!!

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Friday, June 06, 2008

The perfect job for Hillary Clinton that benefits Americans perfectly

People need to forget about the "dream" ticket (more like a nightmare ticket for the Dems & an easy win for McCain) - Hillary could better serve the people who she faught so hard to win the nomination for by becomming the next Senate Majority Leader!!

Let's face it, Dems will increase their majority in both houses of Congress this November, and this means that Hillary as Senate Majority Leader would hold alot of power in setting the agenda on several important areas.

She would be in control of if/when/how potential Federal appointees & Judicial nominees get approved, not to mention having control over what legislation gets to be voted on/not voted on that will allow her to set the agenda of what new bills possibly get signed into law.

It wasn't her husband, but the Congress (controlled by Repubs) that made the Clinton Presidency what the Clintons say was such a wonderful time to be an American... and the same will be true of the next Administration, regardless of which party is in the White House.

Hillary can become Senate Leader whether Obama wins in November or not, and she can then take credit for whatever legislation her Senate gets signed into law. That means she wins even if Obama loses this fall, and that sets her up looking very pretty for 2112 should she choose to run for President again.

But think of it... how much could a Senate run by Hillary (& a House run by Nancy Pelosi) accomplish if the President is Obama? The Health Care plan she wants for us all should have no trouble getting to Obama's pen... along with many of the other policy plans that the two Dem candidates had that were so alike that they are basically the same policies...

If Hillary plays it smart, she can take the job that she can do the most good at, while helping her party prove their ways are better for us than the past two terms under Bush II... and she can get the due credit while padding her resume for whatever she wants to do later on!!!

What could be more perfect???

I just hope that she can see the wisdom in this choice, and that her husband/campaign staff & consultants/supporters can get past their egos and not derail such a perfect plan for America's future!!!

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MSNBC & their usual "selective bias" in reporting the "facts"

Today Contessa Brewer had someone on commentating about strategy for the November election that made an interesting comment that caught my attention.

I wasn't watching the tv at the moment, I was facing my laptop when the commentator made his comment... but since I am only about 5 feet from my tv I heard him clearly. I wish I had been paying closer attention to the tv because I would really like to know who he was & what his affiliations are - so that I can possibly put his commentary into perspective and explain to myself why someone would do what he did.

Usually commentators are introduced as to being a republican strategist, democrat strategist, or affiliated with a particular party or candidate... but I have no clue who this guy was (I think his name was "Frank" something or other, but I'm not sure) offering his opinions to Contessa - so I won't say for certain what I think his affiliation is... but based on what he said I can sure guess, and I'll bet I am right.

Anyway... on to what got me posting here today.

When discussing how both Senators Obama & McCain will be trying to get votes in states not usually expected to go for their party this man expressed that he doesn't see either candidate being able to pull off a "50 state" campaign - and then gave his reasons why neither Obama nor McCain will change the way certain states vote, regardless of what they do before election day.

I don't have exact quotes from him for his examples, but it was the usual stuff pundits always say - like how New York & California will go Democrat no matter what, and how places like Utah, Texas, etc will go Republican... but that isn't my point.

I did hear how this commentator described the 1984 election, and how he selectively forgot how many states Ronald Reagan actually won that year.

He said something about Reagan "winning many of the states", but not all of them - and used this to prove that even in that lopsided win a candidate couldn't pull off an actual "50 state" campain strategy successfully.

Problem is that Reagan didn't just get "most" of the states that election... he won 49 of them, while Mondale ONLY managed to win ONE state (Minnesota, his home state) and D.C. Reagan won 525 electoral votes to Mondale's 13.

That's effectively pulling off the 50 state strategy because Mondale only won Minnesota by 3800 votes.

But before Reagan successfully pulled off a campaign strategy that Contessa's guest said can't be done it was successfully done my Nixon when he defeated McGovern by winning 49 states to McGovern's 1 (a close Massachusetts & D.C.) in his 520 - 17 electorial vote tally. (1 went to another candidate besides Nixon or McGovern)

My point is that I believe that Obama could pull off victories in states people think he can't win, and that he'll retain states that people like Hillary claim he can't win since he didn't get them in the primary votes.

I also feel that votes can be lost to McCain if Obama picks someone divisive or from the "old-school" of politics (Like Hillary or Ed Rendell) that he campaigned against in his message of "change we can believe in".

I just don't like how Contessa's guest selectively recalled elections of the past (probably out of political bias) in a way that proves the point he is making, even though the actual facts of the event he used as proof doesn't support his conclusion - because this is misleading to the viewers, if not outright false statements to forward an agenda.

What that guest did is just like how Hillary routinely misrepresented things to forward her agenda as she got away with tricking people to vote for her. (like how she got votes in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, & West Virginia based on how she "fights for working people to keep their jobs while the truth is that she helped her husband force NAFTA upon us and that caused many thousands, if not millions, to be unemployed & struggling to get by on next to nothing... this also applies to her health care plan when those newly unemployed lost their coverage)

It's time for people to be held to a higher standard, the truth should not be allowed to be subjective. Hillary & her kind have the right to their opinions, but not their own set of facts. People like Obama are here to hold them accountable to the truth of their crooked politics that got us all in the mess we are in today as a country.

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Why Ed Rendell knows he's not right for Obama's V.P.

Ed Rendell knows that he won't be Obama's choice for V.P. because he would never pass the vetting process very well. Rendell knows that his type of politics works for him as Pennsylvania Governor, but he is far to dirty of a politician to be acceptable for Obama's campaign of change. Rendell is exactly the kind of corrupt politician that has made D.C. as broken as it is today, and Obama would make a big mistake by asking Rendell to be on the ticket with him.

Rendell has a history of having an unhealthy relationship with a certain consulting firm - it's so close that you can hardly tell where his staff ends and the firm's employees begin. Many former employees of the firm now work for Rendell on his staff... and former Rendell staff members now work for the consulting firm.

This consulting firm gets so many government contracts that a local Pa newspaper reported that a huge portion of the yearly budget goes to this company... think of it as being Pennsylvania's version of how Halliburton is connected to Bush's Administration - with the same amount (if not more) of improper activity connected to how this firm gets so much work from the Commonwealth.

Rendell has been linked to many conflicts of interest while he has been our Governor, such as his connection to slot-machine revenue & rumored kickbacks... or how he & his henchman T.J. Rooney railroaded a property tax measure in law that is also connected to slot-machine revenues.

It wouldn't take much for Republicans to sink Rendell's ship should Obama choose him as V.P. - Rendell would be a weight that pulls Obama & the Dems under in November... and it would be an easy win for McCain because of Rendell's way of doing business here in Pa. It's a crooked system that works for him as Governor, but he can't get enough of the right people in his pocket for it to help Obama.

If you are curious, look up Pa Special Session House Bill 39 and research how it began as a bill that let school districts decide if they wanted property taxes linked to slot-machine revenues... and how Rendell's people didn't accept defeat when more than enough districts voted against the bill by coming back with the same crappy bill, without the option for school districts being able to decide what they can do by making it mandatory - and then look to see how Rendell, Rooney and other fat-cats like them get something for passing this into law & you'll see how Obama can't consider Rendell any more than he can the fatally corrupt & inept Hillary Clinton.

Obama needs to choose someone better than Clintons, Rendell, etc because the American People deserve better!!!

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