Thursday, July 12, 2007


Keith Odormann over at MSDNC (their "true" name since they gladly forward the liberal left agenda of their DNC puppet masters) talks about gutlessness in regards to this current Administration. I find this funny, especially since that is exactly how Odormann (a more accurate name for Olbermann since his hot air editorials stink to high heaven) acts in his ongoing cowardly campaign of lying to the American People - as well as the behavior of his beloved impeached Bill Clinton's administration.

Tonight Olbermann once again laid blame on this Administration for Osama Bin Laden & Al-Qaeda, while failing to mention that this wouldn't be a problem if Bill Clinton would have done even a half-assed job at dealing with the many events that happened under his presidency.

For those of you like Olbermann with selective amnesia, here is a link to some MSNBC news articles that detail how Clinton totally bungled the Bin Laden situation.

But Olbermann would never admit that his beloved impeached president could possibly be even a tiny bit responsible for the current situation regarding Al-Qaeda & Osama Bin Laden.

He also will never admit that these events have anything to do with how 9/11 happened, or how the current state of security is effected by these total failures of Clinton's administration.

Somalia: 1993 - When Clinton decided to leave Somalia, Osama Bin Laden came to believe that the U.S. would not last in a battle that was drawn out over a long period of time and was very messy in casualties.

Waco, Tx: 1993 - President Clinton orders government agencies to go after a religious sect that is deemed to be dangerous. After a 51 day stand-off, it is believed (according to the Clinton Administration) that the Branch Davidians set the fires that caused the deaths of approximately 80 people and their leader, David Koresh.

World Trade Center Bombing #1: 1993 - Bombing that caused the death of 6 people and injuring over 1000. It took the Clinton Administration until 1997 or 1998 to "realize" (you'll see why I use this word rather than giving them credit for obtaining the knowledge of who perpretrated the bombing) that Osama Bin Laden's terrorist group Al Qaeda was behind the bombing.

Oklahoma City Bombing: 1995 - To commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the disaster at Waco, Tx - former Desert Storm Army Gold Star winner turned anarchist/terrorist - detonated a bomb that killed 168 people and injured about 600 more. THANKFULLY for the Clinton Administration, McVeigh allowed himself to be caught (thinking he would be sen as a radical & revolutionary... but when he realized that a daycare was part of the building he bombed, he knew he would be seen as a monster - which is how history describes him) - or most likely his military training would have prevented the Clinton Administration from solving the crime.

Atlanta Olympics Bombing: 1996 - Eric Rudolph, homegrown terrorist/serial bomber, detonated a home-made bomb durring the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta... killing 2 people & injuring over 100 people. He managed to hide out in a forrested area until 2003 when one of the local residents finally decided to provide government officials with information that allowed them to capture Rudolph.

"Unabomber" bombing spree: 1993 - Ted Kaczynski, college professor turned terrorist/serial bomber went on a spree (starting in 1979 and lasting intermittedly until 1998) that killed 3 people and injured 23 more people - according to his plea agreement.

U.S. Foreign Embassy Bombings: 1998 - A precision-timed bombing of two US Embassies of separate East African countries kills 257 people and injures over 4000 people between the two locations. A local branch of Al Qaeda takes credit for the bombings. After some scrambling for information on the terrorist group, the Clinton Administration has the organization's leader, Osama Bin Laden, declared as "Public Enemy #1".

ABC Interview with Osama: 1998 - John Miller of ABC News interviews Osama Bin Laden in Southern Afghanistan. In the interview, Osama declares to the American public (and to the Clinton Administration who declared him "Public Enemy #1") that he is changing the fatwa he declared two years earlier. Previously he called for all Muslims to attack/kill any American military personnel that is part of the "occupying force of the Holy Lands" (a reference to US Troops being stationed in his homeland of Saudia Arabia as part of joint relations between the two countries) - but now he calls on all Muslims to rise up and attack/kill Americans (civilian and military) whereever they may be found. He has informed the Clinton Administration on National TV that he is declaring a Holy War that will include US soil, if given the chance... AGAIN. It is because of this interview (and NOT because of any hard work or investigation done by the Clinton Administration) that the world knows who was behind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and the twin bombs in the US Embassies in Eastern Africa. After this interview, it cannot be claimed that an attack from Al Qaeda is unexpected, even on US soil.

USS Cole Bombing: 2000 - Osama Bin Laden's terrorist group, Al Qaeda attack the USS Cole as it is in the Aden Harbor, Yemen. The number of Navy personnel that are either confirmed or presumed dead is 17, and 40 were injured. Eventually, 2 men were executed & another four were given prison sentences ranging from 5 to 10 years. The bombing of the USS Cole was preceded earlier that year by a failed attempt to bomb the USS The Sullivans.

But biased tools of the liberal left agenda don't want to talk about how they & their cowardly kind have made this country to be in the serious risk of an attack that currently exists - because that would mean they would have to speak truthfully, as well as admit that they put our country in danger because they refuse to let go of their political beliefs, no matter how wrong these beliefs are shown to be.

Olbermann is gutless in how he takes MSDNC's millions received no doubt from the pockets of the DNC,, and other special intrest groups of the liberal left.

Olbermann should be ashamed of himself for broadcasting opinion in place of fact, solely for the benefit of his liberal masters.

Someone needs to put this biased propaganda to an end so that these con artists can no longer scam the American People on the Public's airwaves.

About Michael Moore and his cowardly kind...

It's easy for Michael Moore to talk about health care - especially when you consider that he isn't one of the people who has to worry about not having one of his health concerns taken care of.

Moore was on the TV Guide Network for an interview, and he bragged how he has THREE health care plans from being in the film industry.

Why is it people who aren't effected by a situation the ones who try to force others to do what they feel is right for them?

Michael Moore has a total disconnect from reality in regards to this situation because he will never be faced with any of the problems he claims exist in the health care industry.

It's nice to see that he cares about the problems others face, but it's obvious that Moore isn't concerned with solving the problem or helping others not as fortunate as he is.

The bottom line is that Moore is all about making money while attacking Republicans.

He is just one of the many on the liberal left who wish to hijack our political process while promoting the agenda favored by his party of choice.

Moore is a hypocrite, just like when he made a comment in one of his books about the American Dream.

Michael Moore told his readers that they will never become rich, as we are lead to believe anyone can as long as they work hard & do the best they can. Moore says that it's a waste of time for people to believe that they could win the lottery (or any other way of becoming rich) because it is never going to happen for them.

This coming from a man who went from rags to riches because he followed his dream of making documentaries. He became rich against the odds... yet he seems to not want anyone else to experience the finer things he has.

Moore is just like the people at, Cindy Sheehan, or Keith Olbermann - who want their beliefs to be the way things get done, no matter how much in the minority those beliefs may be.

It's like Chris Matthews when he proclaims his view of how "Democracy" works.

Matthews is heard saying that Democracy is when you get someone with ideas & passion arguing with another person of ideas & passion to debate - then having the people listening to the debate decide who is "right".

The only problem with this is that Matthews is pushing a system where a vocal minority can win out over a majority that is less vocal. This is why biased news networks like MSNBC (and FOX News on the other side of the political spectrum) are so dangerous - because they get people to accept as fact something that is not an unbiased telling of the facts.

It's propaganda rather than truth, and when people are fooled into accepting someone's agenda as fact - then democracy is no longer democracy, it's closer to dictatorship.

Michael Moore tells only the details that support his objective, and leaves out that which might prove his theories to be wrong. That is something that is as wrong as when a con artist lies to his victims so that he can scam them to his benefit.

Usually a con artist seeks money from his victims, but these con artists like Moore, Matthews, Sheehan, Olbermann, etc want to con people into voting the way that benefits their chosen political party. (well, Moore also gets monetary profit when people pay to see his propaganda filled "documentaries" that also forward his political agenda)

This is how the American Public were tricked into giving power over to Democrats, when it wouldn't have happened if the people weren't fooled by lies forwarded by these con artists. We have seen that these Democrats have not shown themselves to be deserving of the power that they gained by trickery. Hopefully the public will correct this error when the next elections happen.

The American People will not be served well as long as people like Olbermann, Sheehan, Moore, Matthews, Air America,, Bill Maher, Al Franken, etc are allowed to lie to us and dress it up as fact.

We deserve better, and those guilty of this treachery should be punished.

Monday, July 09, 2007

What Democrats are up to...

If you're wondering why Democrats like Senator Schumer and Congressman Conyers are trying so hard to get members (past & present) of President Bush Staff/Administration to testify under oath is not to "get to the bottom of" whatever subject applies to the many investigations they have initiated - it is for petty spite!

The reason Democrats won't accept the Administration's offer to have these people testify without being under oath or with a record of testimony given is because this won't give Democrats any potential comment that can be used to "Scooter Libby" more members of this Administration.

The Democrats know that no laws were broken when certain U.S. Attorneys were fired. The people crying about foul play know that the President can fire those attorneys for any reason he sees fit (as long as it doesn't violate established Federal Laws) because they serve at his "pleasure".

There is nobody that can be punished for criminal behavior, UNLESS Democrats can succeed in getting someone to say something under oath that can be proven to be untrue.

All that the President needs to do is just say that it doesn't matter who might have been involved in any discussions leading up to those firings - because he has every right to fire them and Congress has no authority over the matter.

Democrats can cry that politics motivated the firings, and it doesn't matter at all. By very definition of the term "political" everything that goes on in Washington D.C. is politically motivated.

But the fact that politics most likely had everything to do with the firings doesn't effect the President's ability to fire those he appoints at his desire.

All of these investigations and crybaby pundit editorials trying to punish someone for what the President had every legal right to do is just the pathetic desperate attempt of impotent Democrats who just want to look like they aren't still the "Republican's Bitches" even when they are in power of Congress.

The same thing applies to the outrage being seen regarding the "Scooter" Libby commutation of sentence.

The President has full authority to commute the sentence (or fully pardon) anyone he chooses. Congress has no basis in law to attempt to punish this Administration for something they disagree with.

Where was the same outrage when their impeached president, Bill Clinton, handed out over 90 pardons on his FINAL DAY IN OFFICE??? I have listed in detail in previous blog entries the reasons that prove that Clinton acted far beyond anything the Democrats accuse President Bush of doing.

Oh, and to Chucky Schumer... if you want to accuse this Administration of having something to hide - he needs to remember how his impeached president Clinton perfectly fit this description in regards to the Whitewater investigation. (with the help of his buddy Vince Foster, before his "suicide")

What did we have the election for?

Liberals & Democrats tell us that the American Public spoke out loudly & clearly during the last elections.

If that's true (which I don't accept - it was a load of **** that they want us to believe & their buddies at MSNBC say it often enough that the mindless masses believe the lie) then why aren't Democrats doing what they supposedly were elected to do?

Why are they not passing laws that take care of our border security? Why haven't they done anything about illegal immigration? Why haven't they got us out of that senseless war in Iraq? Where's the many things the Democrats promised to have done by now?

Didn't the American People elect Democrats (and not re-elect Republicans) because they wanted results? Why hasn't people like Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid made good on the things they said to convince us to put them in power?

Why, instead, has this Democrat run fiasco chose to do NOTHING positive? Why do we hear excuses about how they can't get anything done? They are the majority, right? Can't they do anything even when they are in charge?

Why is the only thing Democrats seem capable of doing is launching investigation after investigation that only shows how stupid they really are?

Why must they keep trying to question what the U.S. Constitution says is within the powers of the Executive Branch?

Why do the Democrats insist on trying to hijack our political process with partisan tactics?

How many more non-binding resolutions must we be forced to accept (ones that can't even get passed, or even get to a vote most of the time even!) before these people who scammed their way into power actually do the job they were elected to do?

How much longer must the American People who wanted change & action by their elected officials endure such impotent & ineffective behavior from Democrats that have shown themselves to be no better than the Republicans they replaced in power?

Is it any wonder that even MSNBC can't spin the fact of how this Democrat Congress has an EVEN LOWER approval rating than that of the President & Vice President??? (I didn't think that they could manage to pull that one off, but they did)

I say enough of the investigations! I say that laws need to be passed (damn the threat of veto) that will accomplish the things we elected you to do!!

Bring our troops home!

Secure our borders!

Deal with illegal immigration! (doing nothing is not acceptable any more than amnesty is)

Raise our wages, not your own!

Take care of our veterans!

Give us affordable health care/prescriptions!

Lower our tax burden!

Stop intruding into our private lives!

Hold this Administration accountable for its excesses of power!

Stop diving this country between liberal/conservative, red state/blue state, Democrat/Republican!

Hold your party to the same standard you do the opposite party & stop the hypocrisy!

Do something ANYTHING, just stop this current spiral of destruction! (hell, impeach someone... at least that's doing something that will have a positive result - unlike these investigations & crybaby tantrums!)

I love my country... but I'm ashamed of the people who make up the government.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Since Keith Olbermann has lost all grip on reality, his sanity, and what behavior is expected from someone who has won an Edward R. Murrow award... I have taken it upon myself to do what Olbermann/his production crew either are incapable or unwilling of doing.

I have done research to find out if there exists condition(s) that accurately the distorted "facts" that barely can be seen in his editorial program as he continues his never-ending agenda of misguiding and/or flat out lying to the people he is supposed to be providing unbiased reporting of only the facts existing for a story.

Here are events where a President used his Office to either commute the sentence or fully pardoned someone convicted of crimes that qualify as that described by Olbermann on 2 successive nights.

Unfortunately, these actions were not those of the current President that Olbermann loves to blame for everything wrong/evil since the dawn of time... these are the actions of a man who fully & accurately lives up to all of those unprofessional/insulting comments uttered by Olbermann recently.

I am, of course, referring to impeached former President, Bill Clinton.

Those like Olbermann who cried like a baby, saying that President Bush exceeded his authority by commuting the sentence of Lewis "Scooter" Libby - they exposed either their laziness or their ignorance of what authority the US Constitution gives to the President in this area.

When people like Olbermann & Matthews repeat untruths, distortions, and/or flat out lies intended to have people believe their propaganda, they sink far below any level of offensive behavior than anything they (falsely) accuse the President and his Administration of doing.

When these partisan hypocrites call this Presidental action as being totally improper due to Libby having such a close relationship to this Administration, they fail to mention when impeached president Clinton did EXACTLY the same type of thing when he pardoned these people:

Former Democratic Senator Dan Rostenkowski

Former Director to the CIA (and Clinton apointee) John Deutch

HUD Secretary under Clinton, Henry Cisneros

Impeached Judge (now current Democratic Congressman) Alcee Hastings, and the man who helped get him impeached, William Arthur Borders, Jr

When people like David Shuster called this event as being that of someone who has a very close relationship to the person doing the pardoning an abuse of power - he could have used these two Clinton pardons to more accurately describe abuse of power to benefit friends:

Roger Clinton, the half-brother to then Governor Clinton

Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory, who paid the President's brother-in-law, Tony Rodham, over $100,000 in his successful bid for their pardon. (money Rodham later was forced to return)

If Olbermann believes that the President was a coward for not personally announcing this action - but doing so by way of an almost totally overlooked press release... what else could he do but also call his beloved impeached president Clinton a coward for the MULTITUDE of pardons he granted in what was the "final moments" of his Presidency???

If sending out a press release instead of publicly stating the event is cowardly... then granting pardons so close to leaving office that you prevent anyone from holding you accountable for so many questionable actions is about a MILLION times more cowardly!!!

And if professional crybaby/political prostitute Joe Wilson honestly believes that the President is basically admitting guilt in the related matter by the way he is allegedly "buying the silence" of Libby to prevent anyone else from being found guilty of wrongdoing... does he feel the exact same way about the way impeached president Clinton CLEARLY rewarded his long-time friend/business partner, Susan McDougal for keeping quiet about how guilty Clinton was of crimes (not mere "wrong-doing" that is actually permissible aspects granted to the President that partisan crybabies want people to believe as being improper when it is nothing of the sort) in the same criminal case McDougal was convicted in?

How else could Wilson describe the way Clinton waited until AFTER McDougal served her prison sentence before granting her a full pardon (not a mere commutation of prison term, while keeping real punishment for wrongs Libby committed) in the last moments of the Clinton Presidency???

Well, considering how much Wilson has become a whore for the liberal democrat agenda... I suppose he could say it was a wonderful act of kindness done by a saint of a person. I'm sure he would say whatever the people pulling his strings tell him to say.

But these liberal/democrats are on a witch-hunt... and damned if they will let the truth or their ever increasing hypocrisy prevent them from saying things that they would never apply to their own when they have done the same - and worse!!!

And if the argument about Olbermann's show not being news, but "entertainment", "opinion", etc. makes it somehow ok to present on a network that advertises having a "fuller spectrum of news" that doesn't promote any "agendas" or have a bias towards one political viewpoint over another... then why isn't that the way Olbermann is described on MSNBC's "Meet the faces of MSNBC"???

Here is the URL of that webpage.

On this page you can see how MSNBC has chosen to describe Olbermann by using words/phrases like "MSNBC Anchor", "host", "reporter", "contributor", "broadcaster", and "writer". (the description of Olbermann being a "commentator" describes his time at ABC Radio, and not covering his time at MSNBC)

As mentioned above, Olbermann an Edward R. Murrow Award , and there is no mention of opinions or editorials being part of the qualifying aspects for someone to receive this award. The award is given for excellence in news reporting, not for entertaining or editorial programs.

If you look up the word "journalism" at - this is what you find under the American Heritage Dictionary:

The style of writing characteristic of material in newspapers and magazines, consisting of direct presentation of facts or occurrences with little attempt at analysis or interpretation.

By very definition of the word, what MSNBC allows people like Chris Matthews & Keith Olbermann to broadcast on the Public Airwaves doesn't even come close to meeting the qualification of this term that is supposed to describe a news network like MSNBC.

But here are some terms (that aren't aspects of what defines journalism) that accurately describe what type of activity MSNBC passes off as journalism:

An article in a newspaper or magazine expressing the opinion of the editor or publisher.

A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof.

1. Information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause.

2. Information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.

And finally, a word that Steve Capus spoke on MSNBC in the wake of the Don Imus scandal. Mr Capus claimed that this would be THE benchmark standard that he would hold ALL MSNBC on air staff to - and that he would do so in a strict manner so that the type of offensive & unprofessional behavior that resulted in the removal of Imus from MSNBC would not happen again.

Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Sadly, because of such "used car salesman" reporters like Olbermann & Matthews... MSNBC doesn't have ONE IOTA of this necessary requirement of journalism worthy of an Edward R. Murrow.

Now that we have defined what journalism is supposed to be - this establishes without any doubt that MSNBC is falsely advertising what they are doing with the Public Airwaves.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Susan H. McDougal award

If Chris Matthews wants someone to name the "award" he feels should be given to Lewis "Scooter" Libby, he shouldn't call it the "G. Gordon Liddy" award... he should call it the "Susan H. McDougal" award.
Susan McDougal (born 1955 in Heidelberg, Germany) is one of the few people who served prison time as a result of the Whitewater controversy in the United States, though fifteen individuals were convicted of federal charges. She was born Susan Carol Henley, the daughter of James B. Henley and Laurette (Mathieu) Henley.
Susan McDougal was married in 1976 to James B. McDougal, also of Little Rock, Arkansas. The McDougals were partners with Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton in the failed Whitewater real estate venture in the 1980s, and were convicted along with then-Gov. Jim Guy Tucker (D) in obtaining millions in illegal loans, including a $300,000 federally backed loan for Susan McDougal, through a small business investment firm owned by David Hale.

She was convicted on May 28, 1996, and spent time in prison for four counts of fraud and conspiracy relating to the Whitewater scandal. She was later charged with (and acquitted of) embezzlement against noted conductor Zubin Mehta.[1]
She also spent 18 months in prison including 7 weeks in solitary confinement for civil contempt of court. U.S. District Court Judge Susan Webber Wright sentenced her after McDougal refused to answer three questions from Whitewater prosecutors before the grand jury empaneled by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr to investigate the Whitewater deals. These questions included whether President Bill Clinton lied in his testimony during her Whitewater trial, particularly when he denied any knowledge of an illegal $300,000 loan. During that trial, the government's star witness, Arkansas banker and former municipal judge David Hale, claimed that then-Governor Bill Clinton had discussed an illegal $300,000 loan with himself and McDougal.

McDougal received a full Presidential pardon from outgoing President Bill Clinton in the final hours of his presidency in 2001.

This is a more accurate event that was described as "Cronyism" or as "cowardly" in timing is this FULL PARDON (not a mere commutation of sentence) of McDougal!

If ever there was a reward of pardon for keeping quiet about things that could seriously harm the President who pardoned the convicted criminal... it is Clinton's pardon of McDougal.

Why doesn't MSNBC seem outraged by the way that Bill Clinton cowardly waited until the final moments of his Presidency to give a full pardon to a person who could have surely caused him to be not only indicted, but convicted of his guilty actions of the Whitewater criminal case.

If liberals & Democrats feel that the President is "buying Libby's silence" with this commutation (and dangling carrot of a possible pardon in the future) - then they MUST also admit that Bill Clinton MOST DEFINITELY bought the silence of McDougal by waiting until AFTER she was released from jail (and just before he no longer could pardon his long-time friend & business partner) before cowardly saving his own ass from rightfully being prosecuted successfully for crimes we all know he committed!!

But liberals & Democrats are the party of hypocrisy, and they totally condone criminal behavior in their own while always trying to absolutely crucify Republicans for the exact same behavior!!!

If you feel Libby deserved prison time... will you also admit that Clinton deserved equal punishment since he was convicted of the exact same crimes???

If you feel this commutation of sentence (not the McDougal full pardon) is anyway wrong, then what do you say about these pardons that Bill Clinton had no problem doing, and no liberal or Democrat said one word against them???

Roger Clinton, the half-brother to the then Governor for cocaine possession.

Former Democratic Senator Dan Rostenkowski for his part in the Congressional Post Office Scandal.

Former Director to the CIA (and Clinton apointee) John Deutch.

Clinton's HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros.

Impeached Judge (now current Democratic Congressman) Alcee Hastings, and the man who helped get him impeached, William Arthur Borders, Jr.

Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory, who paid the President's brother-in-law, Tony Rodham, over $100,000 in his successful bid for their pardon. (money Rodham later was forced to return)

And let's not forget Clinton business partner, Susan McDougal - who was rewarded with a pardon for not doing duty her civic duty to fully & completely about the criminal activities of the President in that same case.

Is there one or two standards in play here???

It's time to stop this offensive behavior on the Public Airwaves!!!

After that insane outburst by Keith Olbermann last night it is time that the management must take steps to correct such unprofessional & offensive behavior.

If you do not at LEAST suspend Olbermann for his totally unfactual & biased commentary then I will ask the thousands of subscribers of my blog to send emails to your network, the parent company, as well as file complaints with the FCC.

I am all for freedom of speech, even that of such obvious bias like Oblbermann and the typical NBC/MSNBC comments - but this has gone far beyond the level of offensive behavior that Don Imus was removed from the airwaves for doing.

MSNBC still advertises that they offer news without a bias, or with a specific agenda (in an ongoing ad hominim attack of rival FOX News) while proudly allowing such equally biased comments/reporting from people like Olbermann and Chris Matthews.

It's a blatant hypocrisy that either needs to be correctly defined, or something that must cease to happen on the Public Airwaves.

Where was Olbermann's equal reporting of the many pardons of his beloved Bill Clinton? There are many on record that are either for the same offense that "Scooter" Libby was convicted of - or for crimes far worse.

Why did Olbermann fail to express equal outrage at the pardon of Verla Jean Allen, for "false statements to an agency of the United States"?

What about even more outrage at the pardoning of people like Nicholas M. Altiere, Chris Harmon Bagley, and David Roscoe Blampied - who were convicted of being serious dealers of cocaine?

Could it possibly be because these people were pardoned by Bill Clinton - and it's not a problem when Democrats are seen doing the exact same activities that Republicans get crucified for doing?

If Olbermann was so upset because Libby was a member of the Bush II Administration, why didn't he explain that President Bush did for his fellow Republican what Clinton did for at LEAST six Democrats who had been convicted of various serious crimes?

You would certainly think that Olbermann would have to report (in the spirit of "a fuller spectrum of news reporting" how Clinton went even farther than Olbermann accuses Bush of doing - when Clinton gave a pardon to his own Half-brother, Roger Clinton, or Clinton's business partner, Susan McDougal, when Olbermann ranted about it being so wrong to pardon someone with such a close relationship to the pardoning President... but you would be sadly mistaken!

Why don't we hear such long-winded editorials from Olbermann about how improper it was for Clinton to reward McDougal for keeping quiet rather than doing her obligation to testify truthfully & completely - when not doing so meant that the President (who eventually pardoned her) would have also been convicted of serious crimes in the same criminal case.

If NBC/MSNBC, its management, or Olbermann had any integrity at all, they would have included that this pardon was a reward for not causing Bill Clinton to be convicted of crimes he committed, but never faced justice for due to the silence of McDougal paid for by the eventual pardon.

And if Olbermann believes that this Libby pardon was done in a cowardly fashion because the President didn't go on TV to announce it, but left it in a press release... then why didn't he say that Clinton's pardon of McDougal in what was the "final hours" of Clinton's Presidency??

Why does Olbermann repeatedly include damaging information about Republicans, when he always "forgets" to do the same about his beloved Democrats??

And why does the management allow him to get away with such selective reporting??

Could it be because the result is a huge amount of revenue from advertisers who want to be associated with such popular bashing of this Administration & Republicans??

It is no secret that Olbermann has been rewarded in the MILLIONS of dollars for doing the very thing he did on his show last night... this tells us without a doubt that his behavior is not only tolerated, but approved of.

But this was the same with Don Imus before the people said it was enough... and once again it is time for NBC/MSNBC to do to Olbermann what they did to Imus.

Olbermann needs to be at least suspended, if not fired for his actions last night. It is the last straw in a long history of offensive behavior on air.

If NBC/MSNBC management doesn't have the integrity to do what must be done... then it will be up to the people to take action and force their hand until the correct action against Olbermann is done.

It is time for the management to either take action against Olbermann... or for them to go on air to admit that this "used car salesman" type of journalism is their preferred way to conduct business on the Public Airwaves.

If they will not act, then we will. America is watching you NBC/MSNBC - how will your legacy in this historical matter be defined for all time?