Friday, July 11, 2008

Obama, the "silent accomplice" of the radical left

There are two reasons Obama hasn't talked much about the opinion offered by Phil Gramm about the whiny Democrats in Congress & their liberally biased minions in the media...

1. What Gramm said was his opinion, and he is just as correct in believing it as the flood of pundits & "journalists" on the DNC payroll do in believing the exact opposite. Bottom line is that Gramm has more education & experience on the topic than all the blowhards demonizing him (also McCain and the President by extension) do. It's a subjective thing... I know several people that are "newly made Americans" that see many native born Americans as Gramm does... IF Gram was calling us the whiners rather than the Democrats in Congress and their blind followers. To many immigrants and "regular" Americans, this is still a good time to be an American...

No matter what the dem pundits, liberally biased media, & dem politicos want us to believe.

2. But the main reason Obama can do "nothing" is because the radical left has been doing that job for him - The number of people who use propaganda, rhetoric & outright lies to smear McCain is only outnumbered by the number of liberally biased outlets available and the even more numerous times allowed for these partisan attacks to be broadcast into the public consciousness.

Obama has an army doing his dirty work for him as he hypocritically clings to the "change" mantra of his campaign. Too many so willing to make mountains out of molehills so that the only "news" we hear is the schemes of the liberal left...

If enough of them keep saying the same smear attacks & lies often enough on every media outlet in bed with the Dems that means almost all we get as "news" is badmouthing of the Republicans that hides the many many stories exposing Obama's minions for what they are, that should be getting reported, but never do.

Obama's silence allows the partisan thugs to drown the truth in their sea of propaganda, rhetoric, & lies!!!

Obama is not a new beginning if he continues to let the radical left continue to sink the democratic portion of this election ever deeper into the gutter... he will be just another version of the type of politician that put us in the bad situation they tell us we are in.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. This silent Obama is as unpresidential as that criminal, the impeached "Slick Willy" Bill Clinton... or like the Republican version of the same - we don't need another Nixon or Clinton.

Obama needs to prove he is what he claims to be & put an end to the radical left's "swiftboat-like" smear agenda... if not, then he isn't even worth considering as we all should vote for McCain!!