Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Liberally Biased Media endorse Dems to forget what the People want

Today on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" notoriously biased journalist from The Washington Post Eugene Robinson endorsed a radical idea that Democrats should forget what the People in America want/don't want regarding Healthcare Reform & just pass whatever plan they want into law - while they still can!

Never mind that the People do not want the fatally flawed plans that the House & Senate have put up for vote... or that the White House version isn't any better - Robinson wants the Democrats to just pass their will into law before the November elections - when the People will most likely show Washington D.C. that they aren't behind the Democrats & their total control of the country anymore... and before an almost certain defeat of Democrats in general removes them from power in at least 1, if not both aspects of Congress.

That is about as Unamerican and partisan as it gets folks!!!

Never mind what the voters want, just force your will upon them & later on demands they say thanks - regardless of how damaging it is to the Country!!!

Robinson has always been liberally biased, as 99.9% of the NBC/Universal "journalists" and their affiliated media outlets are... but this puts him in the wacko category with the likes of Olbermann, Schultz, Maddow, Shuster, Matthews, Todd, Brewer, etc. in a way that hurts our Country... and this needs to be stopped before the liberally biased media that forwards the Democrat agenda at the expense of truth & to the detriment of America succeeds in stealing another election cycle - and before they succeed in damaging our Country further!!!

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